Mission & Core Values

Mission & Core Values

"Our success can only be measured by our clients' success."

Rilco Engineering Services' philosophy makes every engagement a promise to deliver superior services and we will do 'whatever-it-takes' to contribute to our clients’ benefit and success.

We comply with industry best practices and continually strive to improve the effectiveness of our quality management system, delivering customized solutions to our clients in Engineering support, business solutions, training, consultancy and staffing.

Unrivaled operational excellence, together with our ability to deliver high-quality products and services, have made Rilco Engineering Services a trusted and distinguished name among our clients.

Our rewarding partnerships with our clients have proven that Rilco Engineering Services’ commitment to providing a unique service based on integrity, professionalism and progress is at the very core of our entire organization.

The fundamental basis of Rilco Engineering Services is our commitment to the implementation and improvement of our client’s objectives, and our passion & drive to make Rilco Engineering Services the number one service provider in the Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities and Mining Industry.