Onshore Production

Rilco Engineering Services can support our clients’ projects from inception to completion, to tackle the technical challenges faced by oil companies. Our engineers and consultants work with clients in the following areas:

Reservoir Engineering

Rilco Engineering Services’ reservoir engineers’ objective is to maximize the value of exploration and recovery of hydrocarbons. Our services are designed to complete oil and gas reservoir cycles, from exploration to appraisal and development through an integrated management solution.

Surface Drilling & Completion

Engineering Services applies its expert knowledge and skills to ensure safe drilling, completion and workover operations. Our Engineers use innovative techniques to improve the maximization of oil and gas field developments, from design to implementation.

Conventional Production

Rilco Engineering Services with its partners is at the forefront of the latest technologies of horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracture stimulation. With the objective of minimizing production costs and surface footprint, Rilco Engineering Services focuses the extraction of hydrocarbons from multiple wells from a single pad.

Unconventional Production - Shale Oil and Gas

Rilco Engineering Services is equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to face the challenges of the development of shale gas reservoirs to optimize production and minimize risk. We provide services to support a wide range of exploration and production activities operating in shale formations.

Production Enhancement

Rilco Engineering Services has the expertise and team to assist and advise on enhanced oil and gas recovery, PVT and reservoir fluid phase behavior, flow assurance and production chemistry.