Digital Asset Services

Digital Asset Services

At Rilco Engineering, we understand the importance of having a digital asset for every operating asset. Our Digital Asset services are provided through ITCAN Solutions, a recent addition to our group of companies.

Legacy Data Conversion

To provide easy access to engineering data and to effectively manage changes, companies require to have editable and native formats of their existing scanned drawings and documents. ITCAN Solutions team of qualified designers and engineers supply clients with comprehensive services of converting and populating engineering data from multiple sources and formats to centralised intelligent engineering and design systems.

Engineering Data Management

Our specialized consultants utilise industry knowledge and application best practices to:

  • Manage data quality assurance via discipline checks and reports.
  • Ensure data consistency through cross application integration.
  • Validate deliverable content for compliance with client engineering information requirements
  • Maintain client application sources through catalog management and system administration services.

Laser Scanning & 3D Modelling

To maintain the as-built status of the Digital Asset, ITCAN Solutions provides specialist services and solutions for 3D Data Capture by laser scanning and conventional site verification to build intelligent 3D models and generate 2D drawings. This latest technology brings significant value to the digital asset for both brownfield and greenfield projects.